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Best TenPoint Crossbow Models

TenPoint Nitro

Being the fastest crossbow in the market, TenPoint’s Nitro is a beast promising to deliver 505 fps wind crashing speed with 227 ft. lbs. penetration power. This crossbow model offers reverse draw RX8 cams systems that provide elevated 404-degree rotation of cams and create the longest 17 in. power stroke. Instead of standard two strings, Nitro uses four cables that empower the straight nocking position and generates strong push force. With such power comes the great sighting thanks to EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope with dual illumination (red and green), giving an adequate illumination of 100 yards. Possessing ACUslide, S1 two-stagged trigger, and 20-inch-long aluminum Micro-Trac fluted barrel, the Nitro 505 has safe and easy cocking and de-cocking with 50% reduced string friction, making it the best and fastest crossbow with same-hole downrange accuracy.

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TenPoint Vapor RS470

Explicitly focused on speed featuring extensive safety and noiseless shots, TenPoint’s Vapor RS470 integrates the RX-7 cams reverse draw mechanism, making it one of the finest crossbows. With a 404-degree frictionless rotation of cams creating a 17 in. long power stroke, Vapor RS470 produces 470 fps speed yielding 190 ft. lbs. of bone-crushing energy with 225 lbs. draw weight. The model integrates ACUslide, an Auto-Break-Gear System that allows safe and silent cocking while adding safety with an anti-dry firing mechanism and pass-through foregrip. To adjust any level of hunting position, Vapor Rs470 is equipped with a Tec-X stock system, reducing the overall size and weight by 0.5 lb. combined with an S1 two-stagged 3.5 lb. trigger allowing hunters to shoot safely.

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TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero

TenPoint’s Vapor RS470 XERO, integrating the Garmin XERO X1i scope with a built-in range finder, empowers more than 100 yards of the common sighting. The model itself is the same as the basic Vapor RS470: it has 17 in. power stroke, 225 lbs. draw weight, 191 ft. lbs. energy with 470 fps, however, with an extended vision of up to 250 yards. The scope adapts to the brightness and distance using Laser Locate™, allowing Vapor RS470 to offer great precision and accuracy for shooting even from a farther distance. The model, like its predecessor, conjoin the technology of ACUslide and integrated string stops that adds safety for cocking and de-cocking while the 2-stage trigger offers more control over the handling of shots. RS470 trigger offers a lock-latch system and has a dovetail mount for quiver improving arrow attachment and detachment.

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TenPoint Seige RS410

TenPoint’s Siege RS410 is the most compact and lightweight (26.5 in.) prime choice crossbow that comes pre-assembled, requiring no effort to construct. With an added advantage of reverse cams that stretch the power stroke a little more (13.5 in.), the model empowers the arrows and sends them across the rail at a blowing 410 fps speed. Siege RS410 is well-balanced, noiseless (with integrated sound dampeners), and compact (7.5 in. cocked) crossbow preferred by hunters to win big targets without compromising position. The model is equipped with a Range Master Pro scope providing sighting up to 60 yards with 1-1.5 times magnification. The cranking is made effortless thanks to the ACUslide cocking system that is dead silent and easy to operate. With all the accessories attached, this model only weighs 9 lbs., enabling a balanced control over the crossbow.


TenPoint Viper S400

TenPoint’s Viper S400 is the budget crossbow under $2000 that features the prime elements of a fine compound crossbow. Possessing a forward draw, 325 lbs. draw weight, and an 11 in. power stroke, this model delivers the exact 400 fps speed when accompanied by Prolight Carbon arrows. Viper S400, just like other models, also encompasses the ACUslide easy cocking system offering less friction and noise during cranking. To reduce the weight, TenPoint has incorporated Tec-X stock that is lightweight and provides good stability over the shoulders. With its sleek camouflage design encompassing the Micro Trac aluminum barrel, this model is a reasonable, prime pick for long-term hunting. This model is equipped with a detachable cocking handle (adjustable to 7.5 in.), anti-dry firing system, Range Master Pro Scope, and S1 two-stagged 3.5 lb. trigger with a lock latch system, increasing the 48% accuracy of shots.


TenPoint Turbo M1

Being an upgrade version of Titan M1, TenPoint’s Turbo M1 possesses the capacity to deliver 380 fps to speed consistent shots with a well-balanced weight (7lbs. overall). The Turbo M1 model stands as the smallest and lightest of its kind produced by TenPoint, with an average weight of 6.4 lbs. and a length of 32.5 in. with a 14 in. power stroke and a 190 lbs. draw weight. This model integrates ACUdraw cocking systems (PRO or 50 SLED), which reduces the draw weight by 8.5 lbs. It has a T5 trigger ensuring safety and offering safety from a dry fire, and comes with TenPoint’s Pro-view scope and 3 Pro Elite carbon arrows making it ideal for beginners to start their hunting game and perform well.


TenPoint Titan M1

The ingenious combination of value with performance is what makes TenPoint’s Titan M1 standout. The model is equipped with VX-R inverted cams that extend the overall size (32.5 in.) and make it flawless in delivering power with safety. With a 180 lbs. draw weight, and a precise 11 in. power stroke, Titan M1 delivers a speed close to 370 fps with given arrows. With the integrated most advanced ACUdraw cocking system, the model offers great accuracy and less noise. The model is compatible with a sound dampening system to reduce string oscillation. It comes with Pro-View 3 Scope featuring three crosshairs and four dots calibrated for 20-50 yards. Overall, with a mere weight of 6.4 lbs., TenPoint’s Titan M1 offers great performance to seasoned hunters at a reasonable price.


Where is TenPoint Crossbows Made?

TenPoint is an American-based family-owned and operated business that has been growing in the crossbow industry for the past 28 years. Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies was founded in 1994 by Richard (Rick) L. Bednar (a national competitive archery champion). He formerly founded Horton technologies (another crossbow manufacturer) in 1985 and acquired his parent’s company, the Portage Archery Center (founded in the 1960s) in 1981. Competitive archery is, therefore, in the family’s DNA. 

TenPoint crossbows are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested exclusively in the USA. They are headquartered in Mogador, Ohio. Besides, what makes them stand out is their high quality, engineering, and innovative designs accessible for all hunters, from youngsters to experts.