CenterPoint Crossbows

Budget and quality are the two factors that make CenterPoint’s crossbow worldwide famous among crossbow enthusiasts. CenterPoint has gained popularity with its models because of their precision and steadiness and are among the most popular brands in the hunting world.

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CenterPoint Crossbow
CenterPoint Crossbow

Best CenterPoint Crossbow

CenterPoint Wrath 430

Being one of the compact crossbows, CenterPoint’s Wrath 430 is a powerful model having reverse draw cam technology integrated with noise and vibration dampeners. It is quiet, easy to operate, and handy with its 13 in. of width, allowing to store and hide the device quickly. With a sturdy 15 in. power stroke and 200 lbs. draw weight, Wrath 430 strikes the arrows at 430 fps delivering the fierce shots that penetrate the target. The model has a weight of 8.3 lbs that stabilizes the hunting position and withstands the rough trails, which is why it is a good option for hunters looking for power and speed in a small package.


CenterPoint Pulse 425

Power, stability, and performance under a budget are what CenterPoint Pulse 425 is indeed promised for. Producing a powerful 153 K.E. shot at 425 fps speed, the Pulse 425 is a stout yet dead-silent compound model due to the “Whisper Silencing™” technology. The model combines advanced Full-Bearing cam systems enabling great rotation of joints with power. The best feature is the retractable stock (adjustable in 5 positions) and folding stirrup that allows the hunters to stabilize their crossbow without compromising maneuverability and comfort. The Pulse 425 offers carbon bolts, a rope cocker, a detachable quiver, and an illuminated scope giving an on-the-go package to start the hunting. 


CenterPoint Heat 425

Another compound crossbow model by CenterPoint with a piercing speed of 425 fps, the Heat 425, is valued mainly due to its extra powerful shots. Having the same features as CP Pulse 425 and Amped 425, this model offers more Kinetic Energy without producing much noise and vibrations. The Heat 425 by CenterPoint is equipped with a Whisper Silencing™, an adjustable folding stock that cuts down the length, rail-mounted string stops that dampen sound, and a single bolt riser attachment enabling the crossbow to set up in one go. It is super comfortable due to a web-typed foregrip and an adjustable cheek piece allowing hunters to lay their hands and rest their face while aiming safely.


CenterPoint Amped 425

CenterPoint’s Amped 425 is the elite version of compound crossbows within the range of 425 fps speed and under $500. The model is super focused on obtaining swift speed, quiet shooting, and consistent arrow shots due to great arrow retention thanks to its full-bearing cam systems. With a 200 lbs draw weight and 14.5 in. power stroke, the Amped 425 tends to attain 160 ft. lb of kinetic energy and penetrate deadly in the target body. This model benefits from a power draw. It not only cuts the draw weight by 70% but also makes it more accessible for shooting consistent shots in the forest. This model is also compatible with an external cocking device which can be purchased alone. 


CenterPoint CP400

With power comes the precision and safety that CenterPoint diligently combines in the CP400, a compact technology integrated compound crossbow model. Having a power stroke of 13 in. with arrows retained on an aluminum rail, this model produces 400 fps speed smashing powerful shot. What differentiates it is its adoption of HeliCoil™ Technology, the 360-degree rotation of cams offering smooth, high-speed, and accurate shots (even at 100 yards). This super-compact model (with a width of only 10.5 in.) has a 200 lbs draw weight reduced by 50% when operated using a rope cocker and comes with 3 carbon arrows.


CenterPoint Mercenary 390

CenterPoint offers an excellent deal for intermediate hunters with its Mercenary 390 compound crossbow offering commanding shots that can hunt all types of game small and medium-sized targets. The added power is even quite compatible for taking down big games and attaining speeds of up to 390 fps and power of 14.5lbs. The device is equipped with rails and a CNC cam system made out of aluminum that is both sustainable and durable composite, adding less weight to the model. The added safety feature, including an anti-dry fire and auto-engage safety button, is what makes it stand out among other models with the same price. It is dead silent due to Whisper Silencing™ and can be equipped with an external power draw cocking device reducing the draw effort to make it a lot easier to operate.


CenterPoint Dagger 390

Coming with a solid 390 fps speed with a fierce 135 KE shot, the CenterPoint Dagger 390 is another premium choice for entry-level hunters who prefer performance under budget. The model has a 14.5 in. power stroke and a draw weight of 185 lbs., enabling quality and precision shots every time it is operated. CenterPoint has an integrated CNC cam system comprised of aluminum, allowing the model to stay durable and sturdy with minimum weight. CP Dagger 390 has a built-in silencing system. It offers excellent comfort for hunters who prefer AR-styled weapons due to its stock and web-styled fore-grip, enabling excellent holding capacity.


Sniper Elite 385

As the name suggests, CenterPoint has taken a step further in the hunting game with Sniper Elite 385 model, best known for delivering the power as advertised. The model has a tendency to shoot accurate shots up to 50 yards at 385 fps speed with carbon arrows since it has a machined aluminum rail system and a ball-bearing holding spring enabling constant arrow retention. Sniper Elite 385 is a force that draws the eyes of hunters due to its shoot-through riser style with a sleek black pattern finish and the MIL-SPEC AR-styled stock that is adjustable to shoot even from a tree-stand laid-back position and hosts an adjustable cheekpiece. 


CenterPoint Sniper 370

For shooters starting their crossbow hunting game, this model from CenterPoint for under $500 is a great pick. Whether it’s the composition, safety, or precision a hunter looks for, CenterPoint’s Sniper 370 has covered it. The model is equipped with CNC-machined cams delivering a high-speed shot up to 370 fps even at 50 yards. The CP Sniper 370 has a 185 lbs. draw effort accompanied by a 13.5 in. power stroke, offering sturdiness, accuracy, and consistency in shots. It is a quick, deadly, and super silent compound crossbow model that offers ambidextrous safety and an anti-dry firing mechanism.

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Where is CenterPoint Crossbows Made?

The same parent company owns the brand as Ravin, “Velocity outdoor”, built by “Crosman”, established around 1923. CenterPoint is a subsidiary of Velocity Outdoor, meaning that both their manufacturing facilities are headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin, USA. Like Ravin, the brand also integrates HeliCoil® Technology, allowing crossbows to have a solid connection between the CAM and the string. CenterPoint is most renowned for its inventiveness and the high quality of its goods, including its outdoor recreational equipment, such as rifles, laser targeting systems, and other archery products.