Ravin Crossbows

Ravin is a name universally known for its design and manufacturing of high-quality crossbows. Ravin generally caters to the crossbow market’s elite class, with its crossbows ranging anywhere between $1350 and $3750.

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Ravin Crossbow

Best Ravin Crossbow Models

Ravin R500E

Technology that yields force with less effort is what Ravin R500E is genuinely known for. Producing a solid 500 fps with HexCoil™ Cam System allowing 360-degree cam rotation, this model holds the capacity to draw the arrow in no time. R500 E is compatible with EDS – Electronic Drive System and can penetrate with extreme power due to a 300 lbs. draw weight and a 15 in. power stroke. This model also incorporates a VDCS – VersaDraw™ Cocking System that reduces the drawing effort and prevents the unwinding automatically and Trac-Trigger™ built-in trigger system with anti-dry firing and auto safety features. Having a 28 in. length, the R500E is compact and offers 222 KE power to win the big games in no time.

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Ravin R500

Swift, Compact, and Vigorous are the terms that best define the R500, an exquisite compound crossbow specifically designed by Ravin. The model offers a whopping 500 fps speed with 300 lbs. draw weight and 17 lbs. draw effort combined with HexCoil™ Technology that allows 360-degree friction-less rotation of cams. With power, this model integrates full control over the cocking mechanism with the VDCS – VersaDraw™ Cocking System that has dual screwdrivers. R500 offers straight-line nock motion and safety arrow retention with Trac-Trigger™ Firing System. Offering a smooth control over shots, the R500 yields 222 KE with a sighting up to 100 yards, enabling hunters to command their game even from a reasonable distance.

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Ravin R29X

Hunters who like performance with easy maneuvering prefer Ravin R29X due to its lightweight, simple design yet power-yielding built. The crossbow weighs 6.75 lbs., has an overall 29 in. length, and is integrated with VDCS silent effortless cranking mechanism that allows smooth and quiet operation in the woods. The robust HeliCoil™ Technology combined with 400 grains arrows enables high-precision shots. The model produces 180 KE penetration power with 450 fps speed. R29X has integrated safety mechanisms that prevent dry firing and engage auto safety for hunters. Offering a sleek black finish, this model comes with a 100-yard illuminated sighting, removable draw handle, and three Ravin .003 arrows and is a perfect choice for experienced hunters offering an excellent value for money.


Ravin R20

Frictionless flight is the key to piercing power that is best produced by the latest Ravin R20, an upgrade of the previous R15 and R10 models, and the latest R29 and R29X models. Having a sound 270 lbs. draw weight and draw effort leveraged to a mere 14 lbs. due to the VersaDraw, this model yields 430 fps speed with intense penetration. R20 is integrated with HeliCoil™ Technology, a 340-degree cam rotation, which reduces the crossbow’s overall size and weight without comprising the performance. Hunters’ attention to this device is its rifle-like appearance, 4 lbs. Trac-Trigger™ trigger with added anti-dry firing and ambidextrous safety features combined with rifle-like cast polymer appearance and a tree camouflage finish. With its lightweight and draw effort, it is a fine choice for hunters who prefer consistency and accuracy with minimal effort.

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Ravin R10

Yielding a little less power than R20, the Ravin R10 features every critical element that a hunter of any performance level seeks. R10 delivers no less than 400 fps speed with 142 ft. lbs. bone-crushing K.E and 270 draw weight. Although it is longer, it is a compact (6 in. broad) crossbow enabling hunters to operate it even in narrow places. Like any other R series by Ravin, this crossbow also integrates HeliCoil™ Technology and an anti-dry fire system that allows cams to produce reliable power and safe maneuvering. What sets it apart is the presence of two rollers with 11 in. power stroke instead of a rail which offers frictionless flight, excellent arrow retention as well as smooth operation in challenging situations. The R10 has an external cranking handle allowing for easy drawing.  

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Where is Ravin Crossbows Made?

Ravin was founded around 2012 – 2013 by a group of dedicated hunters to create the world’s most accurate crossbow. Working with leading engineers, the brand has a 20-year history in archery products. The brand is best recognized for its “HeliCoil®” technology and integrated crossbow designs, making them easier to handle, compact, steadfast, and accurate.

In 2018, “Velocity Outdoor” (a subsidiary of Compass Diversified Holdings) acquired Ravin Crossbow LLC at the cost of $94 million. As a result, the company is now acting as a subsidiary of “Velocity Outdoor”. As a parent company, Velocity Outdoors is directly responsible for the overall design and manufacturing of these crossbows in the USA. The manufacturing facility of Ravin Crossbows LLC is located in Superior, Wisconsin, USA, where the crossbows are designed, built, and assembled.

Ravin is thriving as a leading crossbow brand, actively pushing crossbow technology and owning significant intellectual property. Even after the acquisition, the brand has fast earned a reputation as the industry’s most dependable, robust, accurate, and technologically sophisticated crossbow line.