Top 12 Best Electric Bike For Hunting 2022

An electric bike or e-bike is an ideal companion for hunters who are concerned about continuous off-road target tracking and gear loading challenges. E-bikes are come with robust motors, and deliver excellent speed. A sturdy design allows e-bikes to endure every weather condition. E- bikes are built to make off-road or woodland traveling easier and hassle-free. This article reviews the best electric bikes for hunting with an emphasis on motor, battery, speed, range, and capacity features. Here, you can easily find your best off-road e-bike that meets your hunting needs and gear demands.

Best E-Bike for Hunting

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike (Overall Best Electric Bike for Hunting) (Editors Pick)

Among all the models we have tried and tested, the Mule Elite by BAKCOU stood out with its performance on offroad and rugged trails. The Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery that generates high power torque to climb great steeps and hill roads. As one of the top choices for crossbow hunting, this electric bike comes with all the necessary gears and accessories to get on the hunting journey without spending an extra penny. With a durable frame, load capacity, fat tires, and other advanced components, this model is our best pick for an electric hunting bike. 

About the BAKCOU & Mule Elite

Founded by the outdoor man and sports enthusiasts Bryan Child and Dave Andre, BAKCOU is an American brand producing high-quality, durable, affordable e-bikes, bike parts, and related clothing and apparel. Mule Elite Electric Bike by BAKCOU has been designed and built around the “Diesel engine” motor with a durable Aluminum frame, wide handlebars with ergonomic grips, digital display, and fat sustainable tires, powerful brakes and suspensions, and a sport saddle. With the capacity to move 300 lbs. of load with 20-35 mph speed, Mule bikes are best utilized throughout hunting season on offroad and woodland trails.  

What Makes BAKCOU Mule Elite Different?

Mule Elite by BAKCOU is known for its dynamic power and sheer load capacity, making it one of the best e-bikes. This model encompasses a Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor with metal gearing that produces 160 Nm of torque, allowing these e-bikes to sense the pressure and generate power for smoothly traveling around rough trails, muddy roads, and snow. What sets it apart is the heavy-duty and high-quality components, including a mid-drive motor, air suspensions, and 4 in. fat Maxxis Minion tires with puncture-proof lining. In addition, the Mule Elite is ideal for backcountry riders with 5.9 in. height or more with eco and sports mode for power control.

The Mule elite by BAKCOU comes with 400 lumen headlights, front and rear mud fenders, a wide stance pedal, and a pannier rack to load the backpack and gear. In addition, it has 3 solid color design and 3 camo pattern design to choose from.

BAKCOU Mule Elite

Testing of BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike

With a 14.5Ah battery and 165 lbs. weight, the Mule Elite electric bike for hunting can travel up to 30 miles. The top speed recorded for this e-bike is 35+ mph. The model comes with a 2amp charger and takes 4.5-5 hrs to fully charge a 14.5Ah battery on a 110W outlet.

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BAKCOU Storm G2 19" Frame Electric Hunting Bike (Prime Choice Off-road E-bike)

BAKCOU is a brand known for producing high quality, premium-built e-bikes for outdoor for hunters that are value for money. The Storm G2 by BAKCOU is equipped with the Bafang motor and other heavy-duty components integrated into a full-suspension frame. This model is ideal for hunters with rugged off-road terrain traveling concerns and offers a smooth ride with a trailer attached, even on rocky and challenging roads.

What Makes BAKCOU Storm G2 19'' Different?

For hunters who like to perform from the ground, tree stand, or blind position, Storm G2 by BAKCOU is a choice that minimizes the traveling concerns. It offers all the heavy-duty components just as on the Mule and Flatlander models by BAKCOU. However, what sets it apart from others is the additional Rockshox rear suspension that allows smooth and silent motion over rocky trails and rugged roads. This suspension is adjustable according to the weight and type of trails, allowing hunters to move super silent and reach the target without creating much noise.

The Strom G2 19 can be equipped with 4 different battery options to cover more distance. In addition, the model comes with 4 matte color designs and 1 camo pattern design. The standard range of this model is 40 miles on a standard battery.


Testing of BAKCOU Storm G2 19" Frame Electric Hunting Bike

BAKCOU Storm G2 19 in. is a powerful e-bike that is super silent. When tested in the field, this electric bike for hunting ran smoothly across 20 miles consuming 80% charge of a 17.5ah battery while carrying 165-170 lbs. of weight. This model has 9 gears, smooth shifting, and 72 lbs. of weight when equipped with a standard battery.

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BAKCOU Mule Step Through 26'' Electric Hunting Bike (Smart Hunting E-bike)

BAKCOU is the best brand known for designing and engineering high-end classified e-bikes for hunting. In the United States, it is the most preferred brand by hunters. BAKCOU also produces other bike components (bags, trailers, clothing, and related stuff) for outdoor and backcountry hunters. The Mule Step Through is a sub-model of Mule Elite. It includes all the heavy-duty components that BAKCOU e-bikes are well known for. The model comes in two variations with 26 in. tire size and 24 in. tire size.

What Makes BAKCOU Mule Step Through 26'' Different?

Mule Step Through ST 26 in. is a shorter model of Mule Elite. The model is redesigned with the top bar swooping down (instead of horizontally placed) to improve the stand-over/clearance height for the bike. The redesigning reduced stand-over height to 26 in. instead of the standard 29.5 in. The smaller frame size can be ordered with 24 in. or 26 in tires. Like Mule Elite, the Mule Step Through ST 26 in. has a smart torque sensing mid-drive motor that produces 160 Nm force due to heavy-duty metal gearing. In addition, the e-bike features a 9-gear shifting and shock-absorbing suspension beneath the seat.

BAKCOU Mule Step Through ST 26” has a total weight of 68 lbs. It has only front air suspensions, dual hydraulic piston disc brakes, wide stance paddles and handlebars, a sport saddle, pannier rear rack. In addition, the model comes with 1 glossy, 3 matte, and 3 camo finish designs.

BAKCOU Mule Step

Testing of BAKCOU Mule Step 26" Electric Hunting Bike

Upon testing, the Mule Step through offered a smooth ride. The lowered front tube allows excellent stability for shorter people, who can easily ride over without swindling the bike. Like its predecessor (Mule Elite), this model provides a range of 2 miles per amp hour with an average 165 lbs. weight hunter. The battery provides approximately 28 miles per charge.

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HIMIWAY Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike (Everyday Electric Bike Under $2000)

Himiway is a brand established around 2017 with the goals of producing eco-friendly means of exploring the outdoors for cycling enthusiasts and catering to sportsmen. The brand has been a top economical brand known for its 60-80 mileage pedal assist features. The Himiway Big Dog electric Cargo Bike is considered a premium version of the Himiway Escape. Big Dog differentiates itself from Escape through differences in total length, capacity, weight, and range. In addition, the model has an upgraded version of aluminum composition frame and geared brushless motor, making it one of the best e-bikes for hunting.

What Makes HIMIWAY Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike Different?

Himiway Big Dog is a powerful off-road electric bike built with high-quality components and a battery that lasts 7 hours. This model is one of the best hunting electric bikes due to its load capacity (400 lbs.) and extended mileage (60+20 additional on peddle assist), ideal for hunters to attach trailers and racks for loading extra gears. Its integrating security features, including connected apps that allow finding the e-bike with a single tap, is a distinctive feature that sets it apart from other e-bike models. Likewise, the model has a 7-gear shift system by Shimano, a digital multi-functional display, and half twist throttle, allowing riders to stay focused and control their speed while traveling.

The Himiway Big Dog Cargo Electric Bike covers 20 mph with its upgraded 750W brushless geared motor with a specialized inner ring, reducing the magnet’s attenuation speed while producing 86 Nm of torque. In addition, the model has an integrated tail light, 48V Headlight, alloy pedal, and front suspension that is adjustable, allowing a smooth and easy ride even on rough trails.

Himiway Big Dog

Testing of Testing of HIMIWAY Big Dog Electric Bike

When operated in the field, Himiway Big Dog covered 40 miles on total electric power with 185 lbs. of weight. It attains a full 21 mph on 5th gear and can further reach up to 27 mph when going down the hill. This e-bike comes with a standard rack which can be changed with pannier racks, platforms, or baskets.

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HIMIWAY Zebra - Terrain Electric Fat Bike (Best Budget Electric Bike)

High-end and durable quality under budget is what Himiway offers as a brand best known for producing long-range e-bikes on the market. With innovative engineering, the brand is a top e-bike producing company that produce upgraded models (all improved versions from previous models). The Himiway Zebra is another economic model with extended range coverage and more load capacity. Being an upgraded version of the Himiway Cruiser, this model has +50 lbs. payload capacity and offers hydraulic disc brakes with slight variation in weight and size.

What Makes HIMIWAY Zebra Different?

Himiway Zebra is  best selling hunting e-bike under $2000 that includes all the best features of Big Dog with a slight change in size (78.7 in.), weight (79 lbs.), brakes (hydraulic), and wheels (spoke). It has a 52x5000mAh Samsung removable battery that takes 7 hrs. to charge fully and offers 60-80 miles coverage per single charge. This model is best known for its highly stable and more durable Aluminum alloy frame offering a reserved fork to equip 4.8 in. wider tires. In addition, the front tube connecting to the seat adds more sturdiness to the e-bike design making it one of the best e-bikes for hunting.

Like Big Dog, Himiway Zebra also features half twist throttle, front suspensions, hydraulic disc brakes, a 7-gear shifting system, and spoke wheels. Ideally built for people with 5.1 – 6.4 ft. height, this model can take 400 lbs. of weight and travel up to 80 miles with peddle and power assist mode. It also offers an app security feature that allows riders to locate their device on their phone.

Himiway Zebra

Testing of HIMIWAY Zebra Electric Bike

When tested on the flat and hill train, the Himiway Zebra maintained 25 mph on pedal assist level 5. While carrying 185 lbs. of weight, the bike maintained a 27mph top speed with both throttle and pedal assist. However, this electric bike showed slow acceleration and took almost 24 seconds before reaching the top speed. 

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HIMIWAY Cobra - Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike (Best Rugged Electric Bike)

Established around 2017, Himiway has been the top Electric Bike producing brand known for its high-end economic e-bike models for hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts. From designing and manufacturing models ideal for everyday use to engineering the best off-road electric bike, the company has been a top brand in the US and Canada. The Himiway Cobra is a full-suspension model powered by four-bar linkage suspensions with an ultra 86Nm torque-producing motor, making it one of the top e-bikes for hunting on off-road settings.

What Makes HIMIWAY Cobra Different?

Himiway Cobra possesses all the outstanding features of a high-end electric bike that are classified into every e-bike model produced by the brand. However, what makes this model different is the integration of four-bar linkage suspension and 4.8 in. super fat tires that allow this e-bike to be one of the best companions for offroad and rough trails. In addition to the front coil suspension, this four-bar polygon framework around the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube helps to absorb great force and vibrations. Besides, this model integrates a thumb throttle instead of a half twist throttle like other models. This allows riders to use their thumb instead of full palm, which can be tiring during power riding.

With the highest stand-over height of 32 inches, this model is ideal for riders with a 5.4 – 6.4 ft height. The torque sensing motors perform well with generating enough power by analyzing the input pressure on the pedal. Himiway Cobra also incorporates a safety in-app security feature to locate the e-bike.

Himiway Cobra

Testing of Himiway Cobra

While tested on the off-road mountain trails at 20 mph, the Cobra indicated an average stopping rang of 17.9 ft. due to its dual piston hydraulic disc brakes. On the range test, the model covered 36.37 miles on average at a 17-mph speed of pedal assist level 5.

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QUIETKAT Ranger Electric Hunting Bike (Best Value for Money E-bike)

Founded by twin brothers Jake and Justin Roach, QuietKat is a brand established around 2012 to design electric bikes to offer more affordable and easy access to the backcountry areas. The brand has joined Vista Outdoor Family, the top e-bike manufacturing brand for hunting and outdoor cycling activities. The Ranger by QuietKat is an e-bike that targets hunters and backcountry riders. The model is an excellent value for money with its durable build, powerful hub-drive motor, heavy-duty suspensions, and improved brakes.

What Makes QUIETKAT Ranger Different?

QuietKat Ranger is an e-bike for hunting that is stable, stronger, and doesn’t produce much noise. The model is built with a more robust frame that withstands the 325 lbs. load and comes in 3 different frame sizes and camo finish, making it stand out among other brands. The hub-drive technology motor sets it apart by directly powering the rear wheel without needing any chain. The motor has two power options and consumes charge from the integrated 48V 12.8Ah Panasonic lithium battery. Ranger by QuietKat covers a total of 48 miles on ideal condition in a single charge. This e-bike yields performance with its heavy-duty components comprising two-piston hydraulic disc brakes, a 7-gear system, coil suspensions, and fat tires that allow smooth and controlled movement across the rugged trains.


Testing of QUIETKAT Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

When tested around the off-road fields, the Ranger by QuietKat offered smooth control over the handles and overall ride. This e-bike maintained 25-27 mph on pedal assist level 5 without any resistance on the road. Even with 400+ weight, the Ranger drove 21 mph without showing any struggle.



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QUIETKAT Apex Electric Hunting Bike(Top Choice for Off-road Hunting)

QuietKat is a brand known exclusively for producing long-range electric bikes for outdoor sportsmen and backcountry hunters. The brand is emerging with the latest technology integration and engineering designs that are affordable yet durable to withstand rough road abuse. The Apex Electric hunting bike is a top hardtail e-bike with all the heavy-duty components and gears a hunter can ask for. With a powerful mid-drive motor, quad piston hydraulic brakes, and air suspensions fitted in a stronger frame; this model is an elite choice for hunters as it is durable enough to endure all rough, rugged, and tough off-road trails.

What Makes QUIETKAT Apex Hunting Electric Bike Different?

Designed to withstand the offroad trails and backcountry areas where mud, snow, and rough trails exist, the Apex by QuietKat is an all-rounder premium choice catering for easy traveling in all field types. QuietKat Apex integrates Bafang Mid-drive motor technology with torque-sensing ability, optimized 150MM air suspensions that are inverted moto-styled forks, quad piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and AT fat tires, making it ideal for hunting. This model encompasses a 9-speed gear system and comes in 3 different sizes to suit every rider. What sets this model apart is the inverted suspensions that allow smooth traveling on mountains, hills, or roads with high gradients. In addition, these suspensions are excellent in absorbing pressure and force produced due to uneven track and rail. Coming in 1 solid color and 1 camo finish, the Apex is designed for class 1 and 2 categories with 5 pedal level assists in both eco and sports mode and a built-in pannier rack.


Testing of QUIETKAT Apex Hunting Electric Bike

Although the model is unrestricted with power, when tested on uphill mode, the Apex drove at 29 mph with throttle power. The inverted suspension on the front wheel showed excellent force absorption and handled the rugged terrains excellently without causing any discomfort to riders.

QUIETKAT Apex Hunting E-bike Package Includes



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QUIETKAT JEEP® E-Bike (Elite Choice Electric Bike)

Known for delivering high-end mountain electric bikes, QuietKat is a pioneering name in the e-bike industry with heavy-duty components and powerful drive motor integrated models. The Jeep® E-bike by QuietKat is an elite e-bike model integrating the power of Jeep SUVs to conquer any terrain. Powered with a mid-drive torque sensing motor, four-bar linkage suspension, hydraulic quad piston brakes, and an extended battery capacity, the Jeep® E-bike by QuietKat is a heavy-duty model suitable for any type of rough terrain.

What Makes QUIETKAT JEEP E-Bike Different?

Powered by QuietKat, the Jeep® Model is known for its elite performance leveraged by SUV-inspired engineering and build quality. The model is equipped with a Bafang Mid-drive motor with torque sensing capacities that produce 160Nm of torque and covers 22-44 miles of range. The battery is an extended version with 14.5Ah power storage and is enclosed within the frame. What sets this model apart is the integration of four-bar suspensions alongside Inverted Fork air-suspensions that outclass other brands in terrain climbing capacities. In addition, the Jeep® is equipped with All Terrain CST fat tires, making it versatile for every terrain, including snowy, soft muddy, rough and off-road trails.

This model has 9-gears that cater great power control for hill and steep climbing. Besides, this model has a removable battery and a 29 in. upgrade option with tires.


Testing of QUIETKAT JEEP Hunting E-Bike

When tested on mountain trails, the max range on sports mode at 18 mph average speed was 9.95 miles. The bike covered 33.61 miles with a 13-mph average speed on minimum pedal assist level. In the brake test, the Jeep® by QuietKat stopped at 14.4 ft. range. On pedal assist level 1, this elite e-bike for hunting attained 18 mph and scored 24.4 mph on pedal assist level 5.



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RAMBO Roamer 750W XC Electric Hunting Bike (Ideal Electric Bike for Beginners)

Catering to the needs of outdoor cycling enthusiasts, hunters, and sportsmen, Rambo is a brand commonly known for its electric bike range that offers 500W to 1000W power options. Apart from manufacturing among the best electric bikes for hunting, the brand is exclusive in providing clothing, gear, travel bags, bike components, and other related accessories that make the hunting journey easier. The Rambo Roamer, 750 XC is a fat tire electric bike model built for a long-lasting off-road hunting experience.

What Makes RAMBO Roamer Electric Hunting Bike Different?

The Roamer by Rambo is a mid-range e-bike with a 19 in. frame size and 29 in. stand-over height ideal for hunters and sportsman beginning their e-bike journeys. The model is best suited for off-road trails and backcountry terrains with a powerful torque-sensing 750W mid-drive motor giving a maximum 120 Nm torque. The integration of Kevlar anti-puncture tire lining sets the model apart, which makes the 4 in. fat tires less prone to damage. These Rambo Built Tough tires have double lining walls without rim holes preventing mud, snow, or debris from getting inside and flattening the tire. In addition, the framework of this model has a battery attachment on the top side of the rail, which enables excellent weight balance rather than shifting it to the front wheel.

The 14Ah powered battery allows the Roamer to cover up to 35 miles on pedal and throttle assist. The bike comes in 3 standard modes; pedal mode, pedal assist with throttle, and a complete motor power mode. In addition, this model stands as super silent without producing much noise with a capacity to load 300 lbs. of weight thanks to its aluminum alloy build.

RAMBO Roamer

Testing of RAMBO Roamer Electric Hunting Bike

In the field test, the Roamer 750 XC by Rambo delivers what is advertised. With 260 lbs. of weight, this e-bike showed no resistance when traveling and offered a whisper silent journey. This model is also ideal for daily commuters and offers excellent support with fat tires that move well across grass and bushes.



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RAMBO Bushwacker 750W XPC True Timber Electric Hunting Bike (Mid-Range Electric Bike for Hunting)

Rambo is an e-bike manufacturing brand exclusively known for catering to daily commuters, sportsmen, and hunters with high-end models. The brand produces models with 500W motors to be used in public places and offers 750W and 1000W high-end advanced hub and mid-drive motors for off-road and mountain climbing terrains. The Bushwacker 5 gear model by Rambo is upgraded with gears, suspensions, brake, frame, tire, battery, and range capacity changes. The model is ideal for low gradient terrains and off-road with less bumpy roads.  

What Makes RAMBO Bushwacker Different?

The Bushwacker 750W XPC by Rambo features all the Roamer’s ideal components. This e-bike consists of a 750W high-end Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor with torque sensors, an updated version of BBS02, a Samsung 48v 14Ah lithium battery, and durable aluminum build. What sets this model apart from the Roamer is the integration of Air Fork suspensions that equates  to a higher force toleration, Maxxis Minion high-end 4 in. tire gives the bike incredible stability, Tektro dual piston hydraulic disc breaks deliver added stopping power, and an internal 5-gear system to adjust the power and stability of the bike. This e-bike model is also a mid-range companion for hunters with added range coverage and increased stand-over height.

The model has True timber Viper Camo finish offering remarkable resemblance with off-road tracks and surroundings. In addition, the tires of this model come with Rambo Built Tough double wall liners, which protect the tires’ internal from mud, snow, or debris.

RAMBO Bushwacker

Testing of RAMBO Bushwacker 750w XPC True timber Electric Hunting Bike

Rambo Bushwacker 750W XPC is a whisper-silent motor model capable of assisting 3 modes; full throttle mode, pedal mode with motor, and pedal assist throttle mode. The bike covers up to 38 miles in ideal conditions and moves smoothly across mud, snow, and slight rough terrains.



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RAMBO Rebel 1000W Urban Camo XPU Electric Hunting Bike (All Weather Premium Hunting E-bike)

Being in the Electric Bike manufacturing industry requires serving different types of cycling enthusiasts, daily commuters, off-road explorers, and hunters, for which Rambo is a leading name. From producing mid-range to high-end models that cater to all types of terrains, the brand has been committed to delivering performance with innovative engineering. Rambo Rebel 1000W XPC is a model which offers an Extreme riding experience even on soft muddy, and snowy terrains. Covered with powerful mid-drive motor technology, high-end fork suspensions, quad piston brakes, and extremely fat tires, this model outcasts every other brand due to its sheer performance for hill climbing.

What Makes RAMBO Rebel 1000W E-Bike Different?

Explicitly Known for its Extreme performance, the Rambo Rebel 1000W XPC electric bike is an enhanced version with an extended 21Ah battery and mileage. In addition, the model has incorporated all the high-end electric bike features, including the Bafang 1000W mid-drive torque sensing motor, GT air-suspensions inverted fork style which is rigid, 26 in. by 4.8 in. extreme fat tires, and a strong aluminum build. The Rebel 1000W XPC has a peak power rating of 1500W and comes with an enhanced battery giving up to 48 miles of range. In addition, this model has a higher stand-over height with a motor slightly up from the ground to prevent any damage.

Rebel 1000W XPC offers 11 gear power shift settings with a 420% gear range allowing riders to climb steep hills and mountains. The brakes are quad piston hydraulic disc brakes to enhance stopping power. This Extreme fat tire electric hunting bike comes with two camo finish patterns.


Testing of RAMBO Rebel 1000w Urban Camo XPU Electric Hunting Bike

When tested in the field, the Extreme fat tires absorbed tremendous pressure and compressed without dissipating the air. In addition, the 21Ah battery can cover 75 miles with pedal assist, making it ideal for long-range hunting.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cyclone’s Big Boy e-bike stands as the fastest e-bike available in the market. With a remarkable 18kw, 20kw, and 22kw torque-producing motor, this model generates 500-600Nm of torque, producing a top speed of 120-150km/h, i.e., 74.56-93.2 mph. The Big Boy electric bike comes with two motor options; a Chain or a Carbon drive system. It also offers an excellent braking system with front 258mm and rear 220mm disc brakes, providing significant control with speed. The dynamic high-torque-yielding motor is powered with a 3kw 72V 42ah battery and encompasses motorcycle shocks that provide smooth riding on both rough and plain trails. The handlebar is equipped with a stem to sustain balance while riding the e-bike.

In addition, the model is framed with 21 in. or 19 in front and 16 in. or 18 in. rear spokes wheels tubeless tires. With these high-end components, including optional headlights, motorcycle seat, solid built and enchanting solid color, Cyclone Big Boy electric bike is the best and fastest e-bike compared to other models currently on the market.

Mule Elite by BAKCOU is widely recognized as best electric mountain bike for hunting in its price range. The model is dynamic and powerful due to the Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Torque-sensing motor that produces enough torque to climb steep hills and travel rugged rails without any hurdles. Mule Elite comes with all the accessories attached, including air suspensions, 4 in. fat tires with puncture-proof lining, hydraulic piston brakes, wide handlebar with an LCD color display that makes going on adventures super convenient. Being the best e-bike for hunting designed by BAKCOU, the model can easily carry 300 lbs. of load and travel nearly 40 mileages with battery life and peddle assist mode. Having an average 30 mph speed and extended battery range options, this model is ideal for hunters who often travel around woodland and off-road trails to reach hunting places.

E-bikes are designed to carry great weights that help riders and huntsman traverse along trails and difficult terrains with minimal effort. They are an upgraded version of conventional mountain bikes. Different e-bikes cater to different pull capacities due to motor, power, battery capacity, and high-end components such as air suspensions, brakes, and fat tires. Typically, an average mountain e-bike can easily pull around 220-300 lbs. of weight, which is ideal for hunters and sports enthusiasts. However, heavy-duty specialized e-bikes may carry up to 400-500 lbs. to meet specific purposes and demands, such as towing cargo and trailers with heavy objects.

For instance, BAKCOU’s Mule Elite holds 300 lbs. of load capacity and is known to be the best electric bike for hunting. In contrast, Himiway’s Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike takes up 400 lbs. of weight and is said to be one of the best e-bikes for everyday use.