A crossbow is a considerable investment and a product that performs an essential job, sometimes in emergencies. For this reason, many hunters choose a well-established brand because they are more likely to be reliable and have a decent warranty.

So, what are the most trustworthy manufacturers? Which crossbow brands are the best?

There are plenty of choices out there, so you can imagine that some companies score better on certain aspects while others have the winning design for a different purpose. It is harder to compare the crossbow manufacturers as a whole – often, you will have to look at specific models to provide a fair comparison.

On the other hand, having a general idea of the most popular choices and the most experienced manufacturers is a good starting point for buying a new crossbow. For that reason, we have created a simple overview of the top-rated crossbow brands that you can buy today.

Note that list is in no particular order. This list offers an overall description and does not go into the details as a direct comparison between specific models.

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List of Crossbow Brands