How Hard is it to Reload Crossbow?

Reloading a crossbow can happen in 3 ways. You can either reload crossbow using a hand, a rope cocking device, or a crank cocking device.

Reload Crossbow by Hand

Reloading a crossbow by hand done by pulling back on the string, hooking it to a little latch at the rear of the crossbow, loading your bolt, and firing.

Reload Crossbow by Rope Cocking Device

With the development of more powerful crossbows, the string became too hard even to consider pulling back for any individual, not to mention dangerous (leading to hand injuries). A gadget is known as a “rope cocking device” was invented to facilitate cocking the bow.

Reload Crossbow by Crank Cocking Device

A crank cocking device is integrated into the crossbow and makes cocking easier by reducing the strength required crossbow cocking device. It is user-friendly, and its anti-reverse mechanism prevents the crank from moving once the handle is let go.

The other two are relatively safer but before using a crossbow with a rope cocking device, always ensure that safety is on before loading an arrow. All three methods have been around for decades, but undoubtedly, the crank cocking device makes reloading the easiest.