Purpose of Crossbow

Hunting is not only done for recreational purposes. Farmers, landowners, and pest eradicators have been known to use crossbows to hunt animals like rabbits, rodents, and snakes, damaging livestock or crops. For this intent, many hunters use dual-purpose bolt and ball bearing firing crossbows. These crossbows use smaller ball bearings to kill small-sized pests.

It can also be used in:

Purpose of Crossbow

Competitive Gaming

Crossbows are used in games such as the “Match crossbow,” an outdoor target shooting sport that appeals to both genders. The sport has gained immense recognition, and even World Championships are held for the sport.

Blubber Harvesting

Another fascinating use of crossbows involves taking blubber samples from whales. The specially designed bows and darts only penetrate a few centimeters into the whale’s skin. Once the sample is taken, they are carefully retracted out.

Marine Animal Tagging

Tagging marine species, for example, dolphins, for research purposes and collecting data.


Although crossbows are no longer used in warfare, they are still being provided to soldiers to create a zip line going through mountainous or difficult terrain.

Such diverse uses require different crossbows. In this article, we will explore the different types of crossbows available on the market.