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You can measure draw length through the arrow method withdraw check indicator or stretching palm method. Measuring the draw length with a draw check is also very common. The details of these methods are given below.

What is the draw length?

Draw length is the length to which the bow is drawn. It is measured in inches. Draw length is important because it will help you choose the most optimal bow.

Compound Bow Archers

For compound bow archers, draw length measurement is based on wingspan. Proper draw length measurement leads to accurate shooting and will help you feel comfortable.

Recurve Bow Archers

While for  Recurve bow archers, draw length is not dependent on a hunter’s wingspan or physical strength. However, it is still important to measure because it determines your bow’s arrow size and length. A hunter should test both bow types to decide which one best meets their needs and from which they can comfortably and effectively shoot their arrows.

 The rule that can be followed is; that the longer the length of a draw,  the longer the crossbow usually is to accommodate your draw length. Bow length hence also determines overall bow weight and bow power. As draw length determines bow length, it indirectly affects bow weight and power.

How to Measure Draw Length?

There are several different methods to measure draw length.

Method 1 (Arrow Method Withdraw Check Indicator)

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Method 2 (Stretch Your Palms)

First, stand straight, stretch your palms out at 90 degrees (with your palms extending anteriorly to the sides), and stay relaxed. Now, let the person measure your draw length from the fingertip of one hand to the fingertip of the other. Divide the result by 2.5 to accomplish your exact draw length with a half-inch margin.

Method 3 (Draw Check Bow)

In this method, you can measure your draw length with the help of a draw check bow that has a measurement mark on it. This draw check bow is usually available in-store.

With the help of this check bow, draw the bow, so the drawstring comes to the corner of your mouth ( bending your arms a little when you draw). Measure from this point to the point where the arrow indicator lands on the bow’s front of the riser. Let the other person check where your draw length lies. The difference between your measurement and the observer’s measurement should be under a half-inch.


So, above mentioned are the basic and standard methods practiced to measure draw length to buy a crossbow which will help you shoot better, faster, and more comfortably.