Top 6 Best Fastest Crossbow (Top Picks 2022)

Best Fastest Crossbow

Most expert archers yearn for precision with piercing speed when looking to buy first-class crossbows. Without compromising on the quality, they often seek compatible, durable brands that deliver the perfect range of archery accessories conducive to obtaining swift momentum. In this article, we have compared and compiled the top most powerful crossbow 2022 from brands that have a history of delivering what they promise. In addition, these quality models have been evaluated and reviewed according to their performance and other prominent features.

Best Fastest Crossbow

Ravin R500 (Top Fastest and Compact Crossbow) (Editor’s Choice)

Ravin R500 is engineered to provide; Accuracy, Compact design, Safety, and Durability with Speed, delivering significant penetration and crisp shots. This stands as one of the top fastest crossbows in the market, with speed up to 502-503 fps on average and a sleek design. The crossbow is deadly silent with VersaDraw™ cranking, HexCoil™ cams mechanism, and Trac-Trigger™ Firing System that adds great safety with a quality shooting experience.

About the Brand & Model

With over 20 years of experience in crossbow manufacturing, Ravin is best known for its crossbows that deliver power and precision. The company is owned by Velocity Outdoors, whose manufacturing facility is in the USA. Ravin is engaged in developing and integrating the latest technology in its crossbows; it introduced the R500 model back in 2021; however, due to production issues, it arrived on the market in fall 2021. The model is available in four configurations: manual, electric, or standard or sniper features.

What Makes Ravin R500 Different?

Ravin’s R500 is explicitly known for its speed, straight-inline compact design, and technology-integrated crossbow in the realm of fastest crossbows. With swift performance and accuracy, R500 is combined with HexCoil™ Technology, allowing the cams to rotate 360° while keeping balance and durability. Four cables run on the cams in this model: two over the top and underneath the rail. In addition, it has introduced an integrated new dual screwdriver crank system to cock the bow.

The VersaDraw™ System (a worm drive screwdriver system) has dual worm drives on each side of the bow. You just need to pull the handle, unwind the strings, and wind again to crank. Cocking / decking the bow can be halted during the process without losing handle position (no handle-free spin). However, fully cocking the bow forward and backward can take up to a few minutes using this mechanism. This ultra-compact, completely integrated cocking mechanism is embedded into the streamlined stock design and works in combination with the Trac-Trigger™ Firing System, a built-in trigger system. When the bow is pulled, the trigger mechanism glides forward on the rail and hooks precisely to the center of the string, providing for straight-line nock motion.

This Ravin series has a safety mechanism that has been optimized to assert sound click and lever. It has been designed to be used with customized R500 arrows. This is a departure from previous Ravin models compatible with any Ravin-made arrows.

Ravin R500

Testing of Ravin R500

The model weighs 10.5 lbs. when equipped with all the accessories provided in the standard package. When tested under the chronograph, it recorded around 502 fps with the factory arrows provided by the manufacturer. This model produces 111.9 decibels noise. The scope goes to 30 yards reticle with 100 yards of illumination. It fires 3-inch groups at 100 yards.

Ravin R500 Product Specifications

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Ravin R500E (Smooth and Swift Crossbow)

Ravin’s advancements in design and engineering in crossbow manufacturing allow them to stay on top of the crossbow market. The parent company Velocity Outdoors integrates innovative developments that make the crossbow more accurate and powerful while keeping it competitive. The R500 series has four different variations, and R500E is one of them, which is by far the smoothest crossbow due to no effort drawing. The model was introduced in January 2021 at an ATA Virtual Show. Likewise, this is similar to R500, as discussed earlier. However, the only difference is integrating an Electric Drive System (EDS) cranking mechanism.

What Makes Ravin R500E Different?

The R500E is in the crossbow lines of Ravin, all integrated with cutting-edge technologies. The most prominent aspect of this model is the capacity of EDS. This allows users to cock and uncock the crossbow by pressing a button. The overall EDS is made out of a 12-volt battery and motor component that attaches and detaches easily from the stock. These can be readily removed for storage or charging on the charging base. The model is also equipped with the VersaDraw™ Cocking System (VDCS) with dual screws that provide excellent handling while manually cocking the device. This VDCS drives the Trac Trigger firing system (TTFS) back and forth. In addition, the VDCS internal clutch prevents over-cocking and allows cocking or uncocking to be halted at any point throughout the operation. Similarly, you just need to remove the arrows and unwind them by inserting the draw handle to unlock the device.

Ravin R500E

Testing of Ravin R500E

Like R500, this model possesses the exact specifications with the only difference of EDS compatibility. In addition, the model delivers the speed of 500 plus fps when tested with factory sent arrows.

Ravin R500E Product Specifications

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TenPoint Vapor RS470 (Crossbow with an Excellent crank cocking device)

TenPoint has been a world-class manufacturer of crossbows for more than 30 years, and its crossbows are known for their industry-leading safety, accuracy, precise engineering, quality, and longevity. The company announced the Vapor RS470 to supersede the Nitro XRT. This model is small, light, and simple to move around. The unique ACUslide feature of the TenPoint Vapor RS470 sets it apart from its competitors, allowing the user to cock and uncock the crossbow securely and with less effort.

What Makes TenPoint Vapor RS470 Different?

The TenPoint’s Vapor RS470 is among the most innovative and advanced crossbows produced by the company and sold at its highest price compared to other models. It is mainly focused on speed and safety with less noise. The model offers an utmost speed of about 470 with less draw weight due to its reverse draw mechanism with limbs facing the shooter’s opposite side. This model is integrated with TenPoint’s RX-7 Cams that revolve an industry-leading 404° throughout the draw cycle on this model. TenPoint calls this SLING-SHOT technology because it boosts the energy stored in the system and offers a “turbo boost” of speed upon launch. The cams have two cables anchored to the top and bottom of each side, making it a total of four-cables-system. This system helps divide the load evenly to the top and bottom sides of the cam and offers a smooth and even draw cycle.

What makes this model unique is the new ACUslide Cranking system that offers the Auto-Brake-Gear-System. It allows for silent and safe cocking and regulated de-cocking with no effort. In addition, this cranking system prevents dry firing via the internal braking mechanism and provides a longer handle (compared to previous versions) for cranking, which has a telescoping mechanism. Furthermore, the TEC-X Stock system reduces the crossbow’s total size and weight by 1/2 lb. The model comes with an auto engaging safety feature and a pass-through foregrip that allows one to shoot safely.

TenPoint Vapor RS470

Testing of TenPoint Vapor RS470

As provided by the manufacturer, the Vapor RS470 of TenPoint delivers good power with 470 fps. Besides, the brand has integrated a brand new S1 trigger system in this model with 3 ½ lb. pull and offers two-stage trigger engagement with little to no creep once you get to stage 2.

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Product Specifications

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TenPoint Vapor RS470 XERO (The Crossbow with the first of its kind Built - in Rangefinder)

TenPoint succeeded in delivering the Vapor RS470 XERO as its first crossbow with a built-in rangefinder developed in collaboration with Garmin. It’s an elite class crossbow and among the most expensive two crossbows sold by Tenpoint and reviewed in this article, priced at over $4500. The new TenPoint Vapor RS470 XERO is identical to its predecessor, TenPoint Vapor RS470, in terms of length, breadth, speed, precision, and other qualities. However, where the Vapor RS470 XERO differs is in its scope. The Garmin XERO X1i Range-finding Scope (adds a couple of pounds to the overall crossbow weight), but its powerful scoping mechanism more than compensates for this.

What Makes TenPoint Vapor RS470 XERO Different?

TenPoint is known for upgrading its crossbow range with additional accessories that improve its standard versions. This applies to the Vapor RS470, which upgrades the model to Vapor RS470 XERO when upgraded with different scope.

The Garmin XERO X1i scope, is a built-in range finder that estimates the distance to a target up to 250 yards away (with a single push of a button). It has an illuminated aiming crosshair that adapts to distance and brightness, eliminating the need for aim adjustment or recklessness. By recording the location of the target when the shot was fired, Laser Locate™ interacts with compatible Garmin devices to monitor the game, making game tracking more accessible than ever before. The scope is fully customizable (illuminated display color options, brightness, aiming points, leveling systems, etc.) In addition to this, when laying on the cheek pad, the model has been integrated with a mounting mechanism that keeps the scope at eye level. It guarantees verifying the target range doesn’t necessitate whether un-scoping or removing hands from the trigger.

The ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System is featured on the XERO, as it was on its predecessor. It’s still among the safest and simplest crank cocking mechanisms with an uncocking function. An Integrated String Stop System is also included in the model. S1 trigger, a 2-stage trigger from XERO, offers a crisp, zero-creep 3.5-pound draw. Besides, the trigger lock-latch is also included with this trigger. Finally, it added a new dovetail mount for the quiver to improve arrow attachment and detachment.

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Xero

Testing of TenPoint Vapor RS470 XERO

The model comes with factory set scoping capabilities of up to 80 yards. In addition, it shoots at speeds of around 435-440 fps when tested with EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrows.

TenPoint Vapor RS470 XERO Product Specifications

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Ravin R29X (Excellent Value for Money Crossbow)

Along with TenPoint, Excalibur, and Barnett, Ravin is one of the most well-known crossbow brands. They are known for producing high-quality, accurate, and powerful crossbows. The new Ravin R29X crossbow series has a fully integrated quiet cocking mechanism, HeliCoil technology, and a tactical crossbow sight with a jack plate adjustable elevation mount. It also has a pleasant and smooth ergonomic grip.

What Makes Ravin R29X Different?

The Ravin R29X crossbow is a lightweight crossbow with a revolutionary “silent cocking” technology. It’s simple to cock, and it’s completely quiet. The brand offers great speed and precision within a crossbow that cocks softly. The Ravin R29X has Trac-Trigger, a proprietary firing-control mechanism that cocks the bow, confines the anti-dry fire device, and engages the trigger gear and safety. The R29X is entirely silent, light, accurate, and, most importantly, simple. The brand has integrated VersaDraw™, a revolutionary fully integrated quiet cocking technology included with the Ravin R29X, which enables to cock the bow without producing a sound due to the improved cocking mechanism. Ravin has implemented HeliCoil technology in their crossbows, allowing them to shoot arrows faster, with less rail friction, higher accuracy, and longer string life. The Ravin R29X has a twin roller arrow rest that permits the vanes to travel through without being damaged. This method significantly decreases friction, increasing arrow speed.

Ravin R29X

Testing of Ravin R29X

This model attained a speed of 449 fps when tested under chronograph. The average noise produced was 86.4 decibels. 

Ravin R29X Product Specifications

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TenPoint Nitro 505 (Winner of Fastest Crossbow)

TenPoint makes some of the finest quality, most accurate, and safest crossbows on the market, with a storybook heritage and industry-leading innovation that has resulted in over 100 crossbow patents. Every TenPoint crossbow is developed from the bottom up to improve performance and is claimed to be the most incredible crossbow in its class. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies stunned the hunting community when it unveiled the Nitro 505, its new flagship model for 2022. It’s not only the industry’s quickest crossbow, but it’s also the most thoroughly tested crossbow in the company’s history. To test and develop the Nitro 505, almost 25,000 bullets were fired.

What Makes TenPoint Nitro 505 Different?

The Nitro 505 is indeed the fastest crossbow on the market. It features a perfectly balanced reverse draw cam platform with RX8 cams that rotate at 404° generating the most extended power stroke. 

The EVO-X Marksman Elite is a variable speed scope with a custom reticle and external target turrets for quick windage and elevation adjustments for precise shooting out to 100 yards. It comes in dual illumination: Red and Green.

This model has ACUslide, which allows you to cock the crossbow softly, but it’s also the only safe de-cocking method available. Without danger of harm, damage, or losing control, just backwind the handle and stop at any time. It also allows to silently cock the device with 5lb of effort. This model is again integrated with the S1 trigger, offering 2 stage trigger mechanism with Xero creep.

The Nitro 505 is exceptionally well balanced and features a center-mounted riser. In addition, it is outfitted with a Vector-Quad cable system, which uses four cables instead of the standard two, eliminating cam lean and generating straight nock motion. Finally, the Nitro 505 boasts a 20-inch-long aluminum Micro-Trac fluted barrel to direct the arrow. The barrel reduces the entire surface area of the string by 50%, minimizes friction, increases string life, and provides straight-nock travel, resulting in same-hole downrange accuracy.

TenPoint Nitro 505

Testing of TenPoint Nitro 505

When tested under a chronographic meter, the Nitro 505 gave a speed of 494 fps. When equipped with all the factory-sent accessories, the model weighs around 11.3 lbs.

TenPoint Nitro 505 Product Specifications

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