Top 10 Best Crossbow Bag Targets

Best Crossbow Bag Target

Crossbow and archery practicing has been made easier with easy-to-handle and affordable best crossbow bag targets. They are made of material that is both enduring and long-lasting, allowing hunters to practice without losing their arrows. Whether it is for refining aim or learning to shoot a new crossbow or bow model, these bag-shaped best crossbow bag targets are suitable for every type of archery practice. In this article, we have tried and tested some of the best archery targets on the market that will facilitate and add value to target practice.

Best Crossbow Bag Targets

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat Foam Target (High-Quality Foam Best Crossbow Bag Targets)

Previously known as Morell Manufacturing Inc., Morell® Targets is a name that is known for its best archery target products. The brand was established in 1986 by Dale Morell, the owner of the brand, with a central motive to come up with an archery target that is durable and easy to use. With its exceptional customer support, branding, and product innovation, Morell® has been placed at the top of the archery target production industry. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 is an upgrade of YJ-350 with a 2 in. addition to height and 30 fps more resilience in terms of speed. Designed with the Dual Threat innovation technology, Morrell’s YJ-380 also contains high-quality fused foam layers that make arrow removal easy and without any damage.

What Makes Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Different?

Adding more to its best crossbow target products, Morrell® produced another Yellow Jacket Dual Threat Target bag that can endure a little more speed than its previous model (i.e., 380 fps). The model is weather resistant and withstands any atmosphere. It has 14 lbs. of weight with a tote carrying handle attached at the top, making it easier to carry and move. With an 18 in. height and a 13 in. width, this crossbow target has longer sides, allowing the hunter to practice shooting from a greater distance. The Poly-fused inner composition of YJ-380 is what makes it different from other target products as it has cellular foam layers compactly and completely fused with each other, creating a 16 in. dense room. Between the layers “baffles” are created that function to absorb the sound and kinetic energy of arrows. The fusion of layers also helps makes the target very durable and strong compared to othered layered bags. This crossbow target model is ideal for any type of archery practice (Crossbow or Bow hunting) and convenient for any type of broadhead or field point usage. YJ-380 offers a total of 32 bullseyes on the target bag with dual-colored (yellow and black) target sides ideal for daylight and night practice.


Testing of Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380

When tested in the field with practice points, the model YJ-380 created excellent resistance for arrows. It stops the arrow and absorbs the Kinetic Energy with excellent endurance. However, it does take require the shooter to turn the target over, apply pressure with their knee to stabilize it and then withdraw the arrows with both hands. The arrows cannot be removed single handedly and require some effort.

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Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS (Top Practice Target)

Morrell® Targets has been setting its name in the archery target practice business for over 25 years mainly due to its durable and affordable quality target products. The Morell Double Duty 450 fps square-shaped target bag is known for its high resistance quality and HD graphic pattern that catch the hunter’s eye. This top practice target model is an upgrade of Double Duty 400 fps that cater to 50 fps more speed resistance. Double Duty 450 fps has a patented design on each side of the cube and is an easy-to-carry dense cube that sets it apart. In addition, the model is set to stop powerful blows even at 440 fps from any air bow, (crossbow, or compound bow).

What Makes Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Different?

Morrell Double Duty targets are constructed with materials that allow comparatively easier arrow removal to other foam targets.  The double-duty 450 fps caters 450-speed resistance against crossbow, bows, and even air bow shots. This archery target practice bag is known for its HD patented design patterns with visuals of traditional bullseyes, nine-balls, darts, and deer vitals. This sets it apart from other target bags, allowing hunters to enhance their skills with creative bullseye patterns. The model only weighs 37 lbs. and has an easy-to-carry tote handle. With an average of 19 in. height, width, and thickness, the Morrel Double Duty 450 fps archery target allows great sighting and capacity to withstand immense kinetic energy. This model has a replaceable cover that allows hunters to prolong its longevity, making it appear visually new without disposing of the inner target cube. With the durability to stand thousands of blows, the double duty 450 fps is one of the best crossbow targets hunters prefer for an excellent practice experience.


Testing of Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS

When tested with Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400 with 280 lbs. draw and 400-grain field points, the double duty 450 fps target didn’t move or fall into the ground. Instead, the target model withstood powerful blows and stopped arrows penetrating half-way through.

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Field Logic Hurricane H21 (High Resistance Bag Target)

Hurricane Bag Targets is a brand made entirely in the United States and operated under FeraDyne Outdoors. Field Logic, (the manufacturer of the brand), produces bag targets that are weather resistant and have high quality and durability. Hurricane crossbow H-21 target bag is one of the Hurricane Series produced by FeraDyne. They are made with Tri-Core Technology that is weather resistant and enduring allowing the target bags to have long-lasting life. In addition, this model offers great resistance to crossbows, high-speed bows, and even air bows.

What Makes Hurricane H21 Target Bag Different?

Hurricane H-21 Crossbow target bag is specifically designed to endure high-speed impacts with the capacity to stop arrows at 400+ fps speed. They are a great companion for crossbow and high-speed bow hunters to practice their aim. The target bag has an average of 21 In. height and 12 in. width that allows shooters with more clear sighting. What makes it different from other target bags is its Tri-core Technology that is super resistant to shots along with high visibility aiming points. The 1000 P.S.I Tri-core technology weather-proof material is filled to the max, allowing Hurricane H-21 to withstand harsh weather. One of the best crossbow targets, this features high contrasting colors and off-centered visuals of bullseyes and deer’s vital printed on each side. This creates room for arrows to impact different areas rather than focusing on the center. This model is easy to carry, portable, and offers a heavy-duty handle and brass gourmet hangings to either be placed on the ground or hung around with the strings.


Testing of Hurricane H21

When tested with Killer Instinct Lethal 405 with 22 in. 400-grain arrows, the hurricane H-21 yielded great resistance. The Tri-core technology stopped the arrows from passing through the target. As a result, the bag is ideal to be used with practice field points.

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BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme 500 FPS (Editors Pick) (Best Crossbow Bag Targets)

With military fiber and top-quality filler and surface composition, BIGshot is the prime choice crossbow target thanks to its incredible resistance and durable material. The model is an ideal choice to practice crossbow, bow, and air bow shooting as it holds a remarkable capacity to stop arrows at speeds of 500 fps and with 240 ft. lbs. KE. The easy arrow removal is a signature feature that only takes two fingers. At a price like this, BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme is the overall best crossbow bag targets.

About the Brand & Model

BIGshot Targets is a brand maintained by BIGshot Archery LLC, a company offering an extensive line of archery accessories, including field points, broadheads, and commercial range targets. BIGshot Target was established around 2003 with the idea of having larger targets that withstand the high-power yielding compound bows and crossbows. BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme 500 24 in. target bag is a high kinetic energy crossbow target that caters to 500 fps of speed. This model is an upgrade of Iron Man 24 in. crossbow target with 10 fps more speed and 40 ft. lbs. more tolerance.

What Makes BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme 500 FPS Different?

BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme target bag is one of the best archery targets acknowledged by top crossbow and compound bow manufacturers. This model is widely known for its compatible and durable internal material made from fine military fiber and woven ballistics secured with a plywood frame. This allows the target to withstand extreme penetration up to 500 fps with 240 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy without having a tunneling effect due to continuous shots. BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme has 24 in. height and 25 in. width allowing the target to be seen from a larger distance. This target has 2 sides of visuals: bullseyes and deer’s vitals, enabling hunters to up their game for hunting season. The heavy-duty woven handle makes it easy to carry around, while the exterior material of this target back helps to withstand high-speed shots. BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme has easy arrow removal and is ideal to be used with field points.


Testing of BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme 500 FPS

The BIGshot Iron Man Xtreme 500 showed great resistance with any movement when tested with the highest speed, baring crossbows, and compound bows. Even when shot from point-blank distance, the target bag stopped the arrows half-way. This target bag is ideal as it has proven easy arrow removal requiring only two fingers.

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Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 (Best Value for Money Archery Bag Target)

Morrell Targets is known for producing high-quality and durable archery targets with other accessories that don’t break the bank. The brand has extensive target lines with a new solid pour foam formula that allows targets to withstand decisive blows. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 target is an economical, excellent choice for compound and traditional bow hunters. The model is lightweight, has a patented 10 bullseye design, withstands 365 fps of power, and is ideal for backyard archery practice due to its foam technology.

What Makes of Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Different?

Morrell Yellow Jacket Targets are considered one of the best archery targets due to their versatile design and solid-poured internal material that is weather and excellent speed resistance. This Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 is a successor of Yellow Jacket Supreme 2 with enhanced arrow stopping power and slight modification in size. With an average 23 in. size, this model is an upgrade of Yellow Jacket Supreme 2 and withstands 365 fps due to its 46-layered arrow stopping power. This archery target bag that caters to only bows has 2 visual sights with 5 bullseyes on each and offers no blind spots throughout the target body. Made with durable IFS technology and multi-layered fused foam that is long-lasting and weather resistant, the model has the power to withstand more than 1000 shots from the compound and traditional bows.


Testing of Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

The Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 performed fantastically when hit with a blow from Mathews Drenalin 320 fps compound bow. The target didn’t move or fall onto the ground and stopped the arrows mid-way from passing through with field point arrows. There is easy arrow removal when appropriate field points are not bigger than arrow shafts.

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Black Hole Archery Target 18 (Economical Low-speed Bow Target)

Operated under the top crossbow manufacturing company, FeraDyne Outdoors, Black Hole® is an archery target brand made entirely in the USA. The brand is well known for its open-layer design and economic archery foam targets catering to the crossbow, as well as the compound and recurve bow shooters. Among other targets, Black Hole Archery Target is preferred for its open-face design that allows shooting with field Points and Broadheads. The model is redesigned and now comes in two sizes with contrasting aiming points on all 4 sides.

What Makes Black Hole Target 18 Different?

Black Hole® Archery Targets have innovated and redesigned the traditional target practice with open-layer designs. The model, Black Hole, has an average of 18 in. height with a variation of 2 in. for a bigger model. This model tends to stop arrows with a good 300 fps of speed. The contrasting-toned sides with off-set aiming points are what make it ideal to be used with any type of field point or broadhead. The polypropylene-wrapped side caters to field points, and open-face sides allow shooting field tips, fixed blade, and expandable broadheads. This redesigned model is economical, durable, and can last longer when maintained properly. Black Hole Target has bright high-contrasting colors, which allows hunters to sight the aim even from a great distance. The model is exceptionally lightweight, portable, and can be used with middle-level speed bows.

Black Hole Archery Target 18

Testing of Black Hole Target 18

Black Hole Target has great resistance with compound and traditional bows. When shot with a Mission Switch 70 lbs. draw at 30 yards, the open-face side passed the arrows with broadheads up till the fletching. However, the woven side captured field points with excellent retention. The friction between the woven material helped secure the arrow at the right point and didn’t pass through.

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Rinehart® 18-1 Broadhead (Best Broadhead Target)

Founded in 1999, Rinehart Target is a family-owned and operated company standing behind the concept of self-healing foam targets for extensive practice experience. The brand is well-known for producing creative 3D, Bag and Cube archery targets, and bow trees. Rinehart® 18-1 (Eighteen to One) is a rugged cubic target with 18 faces with individual small to cluster-big aiming points. This target has patented self-healing technology with a 1-year wear-out warranty and is dense to be used with different broadheads.

What Makes Rinehart® 18-1 Broadhead Different?

Being one of the best crossbow targets, this stands as the best broadhead target as it sustains great power and shows great resilience to broadheads. The idea behind this rugged cubical having a 500 fps arrow stopping power sets it apart from other standard crossbow targets. Rinehart® 18-1 is entirely made of self-healing foam that extends the versatility and life of the target. With 15 in. dimensions, this foam target is ideal to be used with a broadhead since the self-healing foam tends to fill the holes in 10 seconds after the shot. Rinehart® 18-1 offers 18 wide and small faces with a total of 42 aiming points. The target has a neon green and black tone, which is ideal for shooting at a distance. With a minimum 11 lbs. of weight and a versatile design, this model is ideal to for broadhead practice shots and has a lifespan of at least 5 years.


Testing of Rinehart® 18-1 Broadhead

 Out in the field, when tested with Elite Synergy compound bow having 61 lb. draw at a 20-yard distance, the arrows with field points attached had half-way penetration through the target. They were easy to pull since the field points had a bigger diameter than carbon arrow shafts. When tested with a Widow Maker broadhead with vented blades, the arrows had lesser penetration than the field points. The arrow removal was smooth and without any pieces of foam coming out.

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Hurricane Target Bag (Budget Archery Bag Target)

As one of the most promising bag target manufacturing brands, Hurricane® Bag Targets has a line of hurricane series with varying sizes and price points. These targets have the capacity to sustain arrow speed. H-20 is a model with a 20 in. average size and a tendency to retain arrows up to 425 fps. This bag comes in 3 different variations with adjustments to size and arrow stopping power. With the high contrasting neon, black and red color combination and aiming points, Hurricane bag targets are ideal for practice under a budget.

What Makes of Hurricane Target Bag Different?

As their name suggests, Hurricane Target bags are most commonly known for their power and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The hurricane series offers 3 sizes, all integrated with Tri-core Technology. The Hurricane H20 is a model with an average of 20 in. dimensions and 10 in. thickness filled with weather-proof material without leaving any blind spots. This archery target offers two-sided visuals with 4 traditional aiming points and off-set deer vitals. This model has 425 fps of arrow stopping power and offers high visuals allowing hunters to practice from good distances. With Tri-core technology, this durable archery target bag is weather resistant and offers great sighting even in a night practice environment due to its contrasting colors.


Testing of Hurricane Target Bag

Hurricane H20, when tested with a compound bow having 70 lbs. draw over 10 yards, had an average 7 in. arrow penetration with no pass-throughs. The model is sturdy when hung with a tote nylon handle and holds good arrow retention. However, the neon color of H20 can be a little hassle when sighting with a similar background.

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Block GenZ Youth Open Archery Arrow Target (Perfect Choice for Kids)

Established around 1997, Block® Targets are another leading archery target brand working under FeraDyne Outdoors. The brand first introduced the open-layered design that caters to field points and certain types of broadheads. As the name caters, Block GenZ is a model manufactured by Field Logic perfect for kids and young bow hunters looking forward to starting their journey. This archery target has PolyFusion technology that allows the arrow to stop with friction without casting any force. The model comes in two sizes, 18 in. and 20 in., with an open-layered design and easy arrow removal ideal for young archers.

What Makes Block GenZ Different?

Block GenZ has been an excellent choice for children due to its versatile and durable composition. This youth archery target companion has foam constructions with nylon wrap and pressed wooden sheet supports on the top and bottom of the target. The model has 18 in. of height and 16 in. of width, with 8 in. thickness attained from fused foam layers. With an 8 lb. weight and easy-to-carry tote handle, the GenZ is easy to carry around. The model integrates open-layered non-glued foam, which allows the arrows to stop with friction without exerting much force. The arrow removal on this target is easier and one-handed. GenZ can be used with field tips, fixed blade broadheads, and expandable ones. This target is intended to be used with bows having 40 lb. draw or less. With its high contrasting big and small aiming points, archers can move up their game by practicing with great sighting.


Testing of Block GenZ

Being one of the best youth archery targets, this model has the tendency to capture and stop arrows shot from a 40 lb. draw bow or lower than that. The open layers of foam placed horizontally in this target without any adhesive allow the arrows to penetrate without greater force.

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Black Hole 22 4-Sided Archery Target (Best Budget Archery Foam Target)

Maintained by FeraDyne Outdoors and manufactured by Field Logic, Black Hole® Targets is known for having economic series of block targets of varying sizes. Black Hole 22 is an upgrade of Black Hole 18 with a 2 in. enhancement in height and width. The model offers the same design as the previous BH-18 but with more surface area.

What Makes Black Hole 22 Different?

Being one of the Black Hole Target series archery targets, Black Hole 22 is a model with excellent size and value for money. The model has 22 in. height and 20 in. width with 11 in. depth allowing the hunters to use both field points variably and broadheads at designated sides. The Blackhole 22 offers a 4 sided open-face front and backs with polypropylene wrap around the narrow sides, (perfect for field point use). This model also has high contrasting colors and visuals, allowing hunters to have excellent sightings even from a distance. With the heavy-duty tote handle and lightweight, the model is easy to carry around and is an excellent budget choice for foam targets.

Black Hole 22

Testing of Black Hole 22

When tested with a 60 lbs. 27 in. draw the bow, aimed at the side of the target (not open face side) the arrows with field points only penetrated 6-8 in. deep. This is because the friction on the bright-colored side is ideal for field points, as suggested by manufacturers. In contrast, with Prime Synergy 70 lbs. 30 in. draw bow, the arrows went straight through the broadhead side of the target. Again, this is due to less friction produced than the field point side of the target.

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